Prep v: Survive the airports and flight

Hello from Japan!

I arrived two days ago, (or one, I don’t know, jet lag messes up my maths). So far, it’s been a whirlwind of things to do and see, Japan has yet to let me down!

The flight was pleasant, although by the end I thought my legs were going to fall off from not moving them for so long. I stopped in Rome where I had to pay for wifi and there were no free wall adapters available to charge my dying laptop. My iphone broke down on me just before I left, so I was without music for the entire flight. Fantastic.

On the plane, a nice Japanese lady was sitting next to me. She turned and something came out of her mouth. I think it was Japanese. I tried to tell her that I’m not Japanese and I think she understood because we spent the rest of the flight speaking in basic English. She was absolutely great, she looked after me when I fell asleep just before they served food and she even gave me her address and phone number so I could visit her sometime. She lives near Lake Biwa.

Curry and veg

Apparently vegetarians don't eat croissants

My first view of Japan

After we arrived at Kansai International, I followed the crowed until we separated into Japanese and foreigners. We had to fill in a form, swipe our fingerprints and take a picture before entering. I collected my suitcase and rolled around the airport for a while before being picked up. Of course, in Kansai Int’l the wifi was free.

One of the university staff met me (she gave me a weird look just before she said my name, I thought I had something on my face for a second but she was just checking I was me) and a few other students around noon, Japan time. We sent our luggage away and took the shuttle bus to Hotel Okura where we would be staying for a few days.

Hotel Okura

I met a few more people from the course and we all went out into San’nomiya to eat. We decided on ramen for our first meal and I become a non-vegetarian again. I came back to find my two room-mates and we hung out before going to bed early to make breakfast the next day.

My first day was spent walking, sitting on trains and listening to orientations. It was actually quite a lot of fun to get to know the area, the people and how my life will be. After dinner we decided to explore the area around the hotel.

Night view of Kobe

Kobe Tower

I’m staying here for a total of four days and three nights, so I’m only halfway through the introductions. There’s more info coming my way tomorrow regarding cell phones etc, so I’m looking forward to that. After this, we’ll be leaving to meet our host family.

I can’t wait to get started on the list. Actually, I’ve already begun…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Eli
    Sep 09, 2010 @ 04:55:18

    Love the pictures. It all sounds so exciting! I’m glad for you! 🙂


  2. Aberinkulas
    Sep 08, 2010 @ 17:10:32

    Those are amazing pictures. I’m very thankful that you started this spin-off blog.

    I actually enjoy flying, which most people call em crazy for.


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