My homestay family

For the last week, I’ve been spending time settling into my life in Japan. And I can honestly say… so far so good!

One of the main reasons why I chose Konan University out of all of the places available is because it offers excellent homestay opportunities.

I’ve heard many anecdotes about how staying with a host family exponentially increases your exposure to Japanese life and language, so, being as easily influenced as I am, I decided that I wanted to do it.

I know that there are a few disadvantages to homestay, apparently quite a few families aren’t happy with their host kids staying out drinking and so on until late, but personally I think this is a good trade off for the benefits (I’ll just start drinking earlier).

During the last couple of days that I’ve been staying with my family I’ve had an absolute blast. They’re lovely, I can’t believe how understanding and patient they are. Especially with my crappy Japanese and with me getting lost all the bloody time.

Cute, aren't they?

They are the Ikeda family, with two parents Takuji and Kazue and two young girls, Ayana (9) and Mai (3).

At first, I was a little horrified to see this in one of their emails:


…which roughly translates as “we don’t speak a word of English, but we’d like to learn”.


But, on second thought, I realized that this is actually a very good thing as it would mean that my Japanese should shoot through the roof after a few months.

Also, they probably wouldn’t be scrutinizing whether my use of English past progressive verbs was correct or not like a lot of English studying students.

So far, I’ve learned a lot of Japanese already, especially Kansai-ben. When they say something I don’t understand, I usually just assign it to the ‘it must be Kansai-ben‘ category.

A lesson in demolishing chocolate

My room is absolutely lovely, to read my full post about it check out my post ‘My minimalist bedroom‘.

They’ve really helped me tick a whole bunch of things off my list, so look forward to that very soon!

Now, I’ll just be off because Mai-chan is about to give me a Japanese lesson.


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