#19 Senbei

Senbei are Japan’s version of potato chips. They’re essentially rice crackers that are flavoured Japanese style – such as shoyu and seaweed, amongst others. Even though they’re mostly salty flavours, in my opinion, they can actually taste quite sweet.

You can get them practically everywhere and they even come with some regional specialities. Also, sometimes they come in big packets (pictured above) and sometimes they come in the infamously wasteful Japanese way of being individually packed.

They’re so light that they’re not really that filling, but at least they taste good! They’re absolutely great to munch on in the car or during studying, although they have the power to cover your lap with crumbs, no matter how slowly and carefully you eat them.

Nevertheless, I have no idea how good, or bad, they are for you (I’m sure it’s not the first one) since I can’t read the nutritional labels on food. But I guess that’s just one of the advantages of being illiterate in a foreign country.


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