#12 MOS Burger

MOS burger is most easily described as Japanese style McDonalds. Which means that it’s a little bit more expensive, but the flavours are delicious and the service is better – although McDonald’s service in Japan is pretty high compared to their grumbled burger-flippin’ counterparts in the West.

Pictured above is the default MOS burger. As an ex-vegetarian, I still don’t usually eat too much meat when I can help it, but I figured the cultural experience was worth it 😉 It tasted delicious, definitely much better than McDonald’s (in the UK anyway).

As always, I was a little bit nervous ordering in case the cashier asked my something I couldn’t understand and therefore break through my gaijin camouflage but the process was pretty easy. I made my order, paid, and was given a little stand with a number on it which I put on the table where I chose to sit. The wait was about 3-5 minutes – a small price to pay for what I assumed was a freshly made burger. The brought it over in a small basket with a glass of iced water.

It’s a shame I don’t see nearly as many MOS Burger chains as I do McDonald’s but I guess the price gets to some people. It really isn’t too much more than the price of a normal burger at home, but here food prices are pretty low, so that’s perhaps why. In any case, if you find yourself resisting the western giant that is McDonald’s whilst you’re in Japan, MOS burger is a pretty good compromise.

Or if you’re really hungry, you can just go for this:


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