#54 Ginza

You might know me from my other blog, Minimal Student, and if you read that you’ll find that I’m not a big fan of shopping. But Japan is quite a consumerist country and there’s no place like Ginza (literally ‘silver seat’) in Tokyo to prove it.

There’s not much cultural experience to gain from going to Ginza since a lot of the brands here can be found in any major city in the world, but if anything, one can browse the shops and/or gawk through the windows and wonder how those people who are silly enough to waste so much money on stuff had the brains to make that much cash in the first place.

Ginza isn’t so much an area but one massive street with a few branch roads coming off the sides. It’s located walking distance from Tsukiji, which was a far more entertaining experience. Still, if you want to do a bit of shopping, you’ll find it in Ginza. Just note that in Japan, people are more willing to pay more for clothes, so the chances are you’ll see your favourite brands, but at ridiculously marked up prices.

Still, Ginza isn’t all bad, personally I just don’t agree with conspicuous consumption, whatever. For those that do, it probably makes a great day out, and if you find yourself getting bored, there’s always the Apple store. Alternatively, if you want to make your escape that badly, the subway entrances are conveniently placed along the middle of the road.


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